Why Us?

Floor Strength You Can Depend On!

  1. 12" O-C Floor Joists
  2. 5/8" - 3/4" Flooring Choices
  3. 2"x4" - 2"x6" Treated Floor Joists
  4. Multiple 4"x6" Treated Notched Skids for Extra Strength


Our motto is quality. We care about building a space that will stand the test of time.


Our company history is filled with happy customers. From the sales process until your building is delivered we have built our reputation of customer service.

Serving Wisconsin over 25 years!


With our commitment to customer service also comes an exclusive 10 Year Service Warranty. With our location in the center of the state we feel confident in serving our Wisconsin customers with quality solutions.

• Includes workmanship on all buildings.
• 10 Year Service Warranty. Warranty may not be valid if blocks are used instead of recommended stone or gravel base.
• Does not include Rollup and Overhead Doors.
• Manufacturers warranty applies for doors.
• Includes one free leveling when in area.

Our Mission

Creating the ideal space to enhance the lifestyle of our clients.

To provide homeowners with a choice of stress free building solutions.

To become the leader in creative storage solutions throughout Wisconsin.
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We have put every effort into providing an experience with lasting value. With the help of our trained craftsmen and top quality materials we can provide you with solutions that are BUILT TO LAST a lifetime. Feel free to call or stop in.

Why Choose Us

Most shed builders focus on one thing: making the sale. We’re different. We focus on you. It’s our goal to help you choose the perfect shed.
Why Us?

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