Site Preparation

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Option 1


We Provide:
  • Laser-leveled gravel pads, which are 12” wider than your building on all sides to ensure proper setup

  • A flat level base, which helps avoid settling of your building and makes sure your doors open properly

  • A 10-Year Service Warranty that applies to your building when you have a proper gravel base installed. Preferably with a laser transit.

  • An excellent, warranty-proof base that manufacturing companies will approve
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Option 2


We Recommend:
  • A 3-4" base of crushed stone or gravel (with or without a wood perimeter)

  • Making the base 12" larger than building on all four sides.

  • Making sure that the base is level; we are not responsible for structural problems if the base is not level.

  • We do not recommend using blocks as a foundation for your building.


Buyer is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits. We recommend that you check your local ordinances before ordering a building to know which size to order and where it can placed. You may check with your city/village/ town clerk. Permits for different buildings may fall under different codes (I.e.cabin permit may fall under “Uniform Dwelling Code”).


We use a truck and trailer for delivery. You are responsible for preparing the site. Great care is taken by our team, however you assume all responsibility for yard or driveway damage. It is also your responsibility to let us know if conditions are not suitable for delivery. Permits are required in some areas. You are responsible for obtaining necessary permits.

Mule Machine available for limited access sites!


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