Standard Features

Stamped Plates
Gable Vents
Treated Floors
Smart Finish
Diamond-Plate Thresholds
T Hinges
Large Truss Plates
Stamped Truss Plates
Vinyl or LP Siding Vents
Smart Finish
Treated Floor Joints
Heavy Duty T Hinges
Gable Vents
Diamond-Plate Thresholds
Heavy Duty Doors
Door Braces
Hurricane Clips
Mira Tec Trim
Deluxe Door Latches
Siding Vents
Limited Lifetime Shingles

Optional Features

Octagon Windows
Flower Boxes
Transom Doors
Treated Ramps
Double Doors
Transom Windows
Octagon Windows
Decorative Hinges
Treated Ramps
Transom Doors
Lite Doors

Customized Design

Bunk Beds
Finished Interior
Insulated Floors, Sidings, Ceilings
Painted Exterior Walls
Treated Deck Boards
Electrical Wiring
And More!

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